Office Policies

The physicians and staff of New England Dermatology & Laser Center value and appreciate your selection of our 4 Massachusetts-based offices for your skin care. We are committed to providing you with the best possible service. A clear understanding of our office policy is important to our professional relationship.

  1. It is the patient’s responsibility to cancel their appointment with New England Dermatology no later than 24 business hours prior to the appointment date. If not canceled, we charge a $50 missed appointment fee.
  2. New England Dermatology participates in most insurance plans. Please check with your insurance to
    make sure we accept your plan.
  3. Patients must present accurate and current insurance coverage information at the time of scheduling and provide any updates at check-in.
  4. On the day of service, patients are responsible to pay for all services not covered, deductible amounts, copays, past due balances, as well as balances due to invalid insurance information.
  5. For patients with third-party insurance that requires referrals and/or authorizations, patients will be
    responsible for payment if the referral and/or authorization is not provided at the time of service.
  6. If your visit has not been authorized, you have the option of signing a waiver making you financially
    responsible for that visit or rescheduling your appointment until such time as your visit is authorized.
  7. It is the policy of New England Dermatology to collect any outstanding balance before additional services are rendered.
  8. To schedule or receive additional services, account balances must be settled, or the patients must enroll or be on a payment plan and be current on those payment plans.
  9. Patients will be sent to collections for overdue accounts that are 90 days past due.
  10. Patients who are referred to collections will be discharged from New England Dermatology without the opportunity for reinstatement.

Cosmetic Removal of Benign Lesions

A benign lesion is a spot or growth which in the physician’s opinion is not cancerous or pre-cancerous and for which there is no medical reason to treat. Insurance companies will pay for the evaluation of these lesions but will not pay for their removal. Lesions which may fall into this category include certain moles, brown spots (so called “liver” or “age” spots), angiomas (blood vessel moles and “broken” blood vessels), seborrheic keratoses (warty moles), skin tags (small flaps of skin found around eyelids, neck, under arms, under breasts, and in groin), and milia (persistent whiteheads) on face and eyelids. If you have a benign growth which you would like to have removed, you must sign a “waiver of liability” agreeing to be personally and financially responsible and payment is expected at the time of treatment.


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