Office Policies

The physicians and staff of New England Dermatology & Laser Center value and appreciate your selection of our 4 Massachusetts-based offices for your skin care. We are committed to providing you with the best possible service. A clear understanding of our office policy is important to our professional relationship.


Appointment reminders are sent via email, text, and telephone. Appointments that are not
cancelled within 24 hours of the scheduled time or failure to arrive for your appointment, are subject to a fee that must be paid prior to a new appointment being scheduled. If you fail to cancel three appointments within 24 hours you will be asked to seek another Dermatology office for your care.


To file a claim to your insurance company on your behalf the following information is needed, and you will be asked to provide the following at each appointment:

  • Valid photo ID
  • Valid insurance card(s)
  • Your copay and/or any outstanding balances
  • A valid insurance referral form your Primary Care Physician, if needed.


If your insurance plan requires an insurance referral to see a specialist, it is your responsibility to
obtain the referral prior to your appointment. If you do not have a referral, you have the option to reschedule your appointment. Please do this within 24 hours of your appointment to avoid a fee. You also have the option to sign a financial waiver acknowledging your financial responsibility and pay towards your visit before you are seen. You will be responsible for services denied by insurance due to “No Referral Obtained”. If we later receive a referral, we will have the claim reprocessed. If the insurance pays, you will receive a refund, minus what is deemed the patient’s responsibility.

Prior Authorizations

If your insurance plan requires a prior authorization, notify our office prior to your appointment and our staff can work with you to obtain one. Please note that referrals and prior authorizations are not a guarantee of insurance coverage. In-Network Coverage

A claim will be filed on your behalf for insurance carriers we are contracted with. Copayments, co-insurances, deductibles, noncovered service, services deemed “not medically necessary” or
“experimental” are the insured/patient’s responsibility.

Self-Pay Patients

Uninsured patients are considered self-pay and are responsible for payment in full at the
time of your visit.


We accept cash, checks, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. Please make checks paybles to New England Dermatology. You may pay outstanding balances online via InstaMed. For billing questions, contact our billing department at 413-788-0532. Please do NOT attempt to make payments through Doxo or platforms other than InstaMed.

Any electronic or phone communication provided by NEDLC, including communication via this patient portal, can result in a billable charge to your insurance company.  You may be billed for the amount your insurance company deems your responsibility. 

Outstanding Balances

Outstanding balances are due upon receipt of your statement. Outstanding balances will be collected prior to additional services being rendered. If your account balance is not paid within 90 days, your account will be turned over to a collection agency. Appointments will not be made until the account becomes current. A reinstatement fee will be required before a new appointment can be made. Accounts sent to a collection agency twice will be discharged from the practice without the opportunity for reinstatement.

Return Check Fee

A fee will be added to your account for each check returned by your bank for insufficient

Cosmetic Removal of Benign Lesions

A benign lesion is a spot or growth which in the practitioner’s opinion
is not cancerous or pre-cancerous and for which there is no medical reason to treat. Insurance companies will pay for the evaluation of these lesions but will not pay for their removal. Lesions which may fall into this category include: Certain moles, brown spots (“liver” or “age” spots), angiomas (blood vessel moles and “broken” blood vessels), seborrheic keratoses (warty moles), skin tags (small flaps of skin found around eyelids, neck, under arms, under breasts, and in groin), and milia (persistent whiteheads) on face and eyelids. If you have a benign growth which you would like to have removed, you must sign a “consent for treatment” agreeing to be personally and financially responsible. Payment is expected at the time of treatment. Additionally, certain lesions will be sent to our lab for further evaluation and a fee will be charged. If it is not collected at the time of your visit, you will receive a bill.


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