You don’t have to be older or heavier for fat cells to accumulate under your chin. But a “double chin” can make you look older and heavier than you are. KYBELLA is an injectable medical spa treatment that reduces fat cells under the chin (also called submental fat) for a sleeker and more contoured profile. We offer KYBELLA injections for people from Springfield, Longmeadow, Northampton, and Westfield, Massachusetts, and surrounding areas, who want to get rid of a double chin without surgery.

What Is KYBELLA and How Does It Work?

KYBELLA is formulated with synthetic deoxycholic acid—a substance found in the body that helps break down ingested fats. When injected under your chin, it breaks down the targeted fat cells. Once the fat cells are broken down, the body metabolizes and eliminates them. Each treatment session involves numerous injections in a grid pattern across your neck.

The number of KYBELLA sessions you need depends on your goals and how your body responds to treatment.

How Long Does KYBELLA Last?

Your KYBELLA results can last indefinitely as long as you maintain a healthy diet and get regular exercise. Although the treated fat cells are eliminated, there is the potential for your existing fat cells to get larger due to weight gain.

Recovery Process After Your KYBELLA Treatment

You will require minimal downtime after your treatment, and most patients can return to their routine immediately. You may experience swelling, bruising, or redness after your treatment. Try applying ice packs to the area to minimize swelling and discomfort.

Can You Combine Other Cosmetic Treatments With KYBELLA?

You can combine BOTOX® with your KYBELLA treatment to treat upper face wrinkles or further enhance your lower face. BOTOX treatment can improve the appearance of vertical neck bands or slim down your jawline for a sleeker appearance. Make sure to talk to your provider to see if you are a good candidate for combining med spa treatments.

Am I A Good Candidate for KYBELLA?

You might be a good candidate for KYBELLA if you meet the following criteria:

  • You feel unhappy or self-conscious about the fat deposits under your chin.
  • You have tried to shift excess fat through a healthy diet and consistent exercise but have not been successful.
  • You are not pregnant or planning to get pregnant in the immediate future.
  • You are not breastfeeding or planning to breastfeed in the near future.
  • You don’t have any infections in the treatment area.
  • You prefer a nonsurgical option to improve submental fat and achieve a contoured profile.

Choose a Provider

Our aesthetic team understands that each person is unique, so we customize your KYBELLA treatment to your individual needs. To learn more about the New England Dermatology & Laser Center or to schedule an appointment at one of our MA offices, call us at (413) 733-9600.


New Provider Special!

BOTOX® with Jamie Dalhaus, FNP-C is just $13/unit for new and existing patients! Contact us today to schedule your treatment.